My New Business! Wildtree!

I’m writing to tell you about my exciting news. I have started a new business with Wildtree! As if I needed anything more on my plate right? I have my neighbor to thank. She sent me an invite to her launch party tasting, and of course like everyone else’s first thought “oh another annoying invite” so I didn’t even entertain it! Well lately I have been browsing ideas on how to make income from home so I can be home with my three boys, which has always been my dream. 🙂 A few weeks went by and I saw her post something again to “wildtree” so I though I gotta see what this is all about, when I saw “organic” I was sold! I text her for info and went over to her house one evening and was there 2 hours!!!!!! I signed up that night, not even knowing what any of it tasted like, but I was convinced it was healthy and natural and would help me with my meal planning. The rest is really history!!!! I was stoked that most of what they sold is organic and if it’s not, you can still pronounce everything on the ingredient label. There is no preservatives, chemicals, additives, dyes, GMOs, or artificial anything! Then I found the products to be super affordable. Most of it is multiple servings in every container. After all that, I was like I want to share this with other people! And here we are, just over a week later and I’m all in. Wildtree is an all-natural and USDA certified organic food company with an amazing product line. The easiest way to describe how Wildtree fits into your cooking routine is to think of it as a replacement for the things you would buy in the center of the grocery store. Typically, the convenient, time-saving, and also unhealthy ‘dinner in a box’ stuff. You can go to my website and on the “Recipes” tab you can enter in any product that you buy and it will give you a list of recipes to use with that product (there is also a recipe on the item). It’s how I’ve made my meal plans for the last few weeks and with getting home from work at 5:30 and needing to feed a family, it’s been so helpful! If you are interested in becoming a sales rep there is NO COMMITMENT and if u decide not to after signing up for $49, you just EAT your kit and stay a rep so u can order your products at a 20% discount!!!!!! Yes, THATS ALL THERE IS TO IT!!!!!!!!

You are all my family and friends that don’t live in town here so I couldn’t invite you to my tasting launch at the end of this month but I still wanted to share this will you and see if you’d be interested in trying some products, too!

I’m attaching the catalog but if you find yourself overwhelmed and are looking for a place to start, consider trying Wildtree for the products you are already buying: taco seasoning, spaghetti sauce blend, Alfredo extraordinaire, fajita seasoning, meatloaf mix, etc. We’ve got sauces, blends, marinades, cooking oils, and the list goes on!

If you decide you’d like to place an order, you can just do it through my website, When you click on Shop, you can select my launch party as the event. Please let me know if you have any questions! It will help me learn the ropes!
I appreciate you taking the time to check it out and supporting me on my new adventure!